Todd Douglas

Hello, I’m Todd Douglas. I’m a graphic designer and I specialize in PowerPoint makeovers. My mission is no more “meh” presentations. Working with your existing slide deck, I will transform it into a visually professional presentation. Think caterpillar to butterfly.

How It Works
Since you know your audience, your subject and what you want to say, start by creating a basic PowerPoint deck, rough mockup or a typed outline. From there, I will:

  • Clean up and organize the design
  • Improve the graphics, charts and images
  • Refine the slides for clarity and impact

Cue the Applause
The result is a professional-looking presentation that you can feel confident delivering. Why, the audience might even applaud that you spared them from looking at cheesy stock photos.

Confidentiality Guaranteed
I’ve worked on decks for proposed mergers, investor pitches and other sensitive presentations, so I am serious about confidentiality. In fact, all of the PowerPoint samples on this website are sanitized with identifying logos, text and images removed or altered.

I guarantee complete discretion and privacy when you entrust your presentation to me.


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No More “Meh” Presentations